Marketing Calendar

Efficiently Organize and Manage Marketing Campaigns

For marketing organizations of any size, it is essential to effectively manage marketing campaigns. The larger the organization, the more difficult this task becomes. Yet, regardless whether a marketing organization launches multiple marketing campaigns in a single year, single month, or single day, there is a distinct need to track the execution, effect, interactions, and ending of each campaign. Without a proper management system, campaigns can overlap, marketing contacts may be targeted improperly, and messages can become ineffectual.

The Marketing Calendar provides a simple, accurate, and effective methodology for marketing organizations to track all of their marketing campaigns, including the numerous and complex elements each campaign utilizes. The Marketing Calendar was designed by Astir Services to provide marketing organizations with a methodology that can not only effectively manage marketing campaigns, but avoid the pitfalls associated with improper targeting of marketing contacts. By providing users with a simple interface to enter marketing campaigns and their elements, individual marketing campaigns can be effectively scheduled and tracked throughout their lifecycle. The Marketing Calendar enables users to avoid oversaturation of their marketing contacts and overlapping of marketing messages.

Marketing Calendar
The Marketing Calendar can be purchased off-the-shelf or customized to your unique business requirements. The Marketing Calendar includes detailed analytics and robust user controls, enabling customers to understand their marketing efforts from multiple perspectives.

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