Sales Funnel Tracking

Measure Marketing Campaigns in Sales Dollars
Marketing organizations face a unique challenge… they need to justify their organizational existence without a concrete, monetary measurement.

There are several common measurements that marketing organizations have used historically, all of which are based on campaign interaction data. Information such as how many target respondents opened, viewed, or unsubscribed from a marketing campaign, and how many respondents downloaded assets or collateral, etc. Unfortunately, as more and more organizations are adopting advanced analytics, and more and more executives demand advanced analytics in order to measure efficacy and performance, there is a need for marketing organizations to evolve their measurement methodologies.

The Sales Funnel Tracking application bridges the gap between sales and marketing organizations, and enables the measurement of marketing efforts in terms of sales dollars. By providing a set of robust user controls to marketing organizations, they can define the parameters of what sales opportunities have been influenced by marketing campaigns and ultimately gain a monetary measure for marketing campaigns. With multiple levels of advanced analytics, marketing organizations can understand how interactions between target recipients and marketing campaigns impacts the sales funnel.

Ultimately, the Sales Funnel Tracking application provides marketing organizations with a methodology to prove their effectiveness and impact on the parent company’s overall bottom line.
Below are some features of the Sales Funnel Tracking application:
  • Segmentation of the Sales Funnel
  • Organization of Sales Funnel Dollars by Marketing Campaign
  • Quantifiable Measurement for Marketing Campaigns
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Executive Dashboards
  • Simple User Interface
  • Fully Customized

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